You will not find realtors that are more professional and tenacious than Thomas and Sharon Michael. They were tireless in their desire to help us find the right home in Southlake. Unlike many realtors who try to reduce your transaction to a formula, they are experts in understanding the vision of their clients and matching that vision to what is available in the market. During our search, Sharon and Thomas perfectly managed our expectations about what was happening in the very active summer market and helped us understand the pros and cons of every house we looked at. I can say for certain, we would not have found let alone gotten a contract on the home we purchased if Sharon wasn’t going the extra mile every single day to find OUR house. During an overly difficult negotiation and closing Sharon was a warrior who kept fighting on our behalf at every turn and yet every day when we checked in, she still had the same cheerful demeanor of someone doing the work they were meant to do.

Brad and Michelle Cardinal
Southlake, TX