Earlier this year, my wife and I decided to sell our house in Colleyville and look for a new home in the Colleyville/Southlake area. Naturally, we were only willing to trust our purchase and sale to the most qualified and capable agents we could find. And while Northeast Tarrant County has an abundance of great real estate professionals, Thomas and Sharon Michael stood out. Each is exceptionally gifted in their respective area of expertise: Thomas, as a seller’s agent, and Sharon, as a buyer’s agent.

Thomas assisted us in selling our home, and could not have been a better or more effective agent. The end result speaks for itself: multiple strong offers, from qualified buyers, in a single day. But the complete representation was even more impressive than its outstanding conclusion. Thomas quickly and correctly: (i) evaluated the market for our home and developed a compelling sales strategy; (ii) counseled us in preparing our home (and ourselves) for the market, and; (iii) assisted us through the offer selection process, inspection, negotiations and close. I have plenty to worry about in my life, and Thomas somehow turned the sale of my home into a hassle-free affair.

Sharon provided us with the same exceptional service and results. Sharon understands how valuable your time is. This is not merely a cliché; Sharon spent a great deal of time not only discussing our home selection criteria with us, but looking at our existing home, getting to know our tastes and preferences, and even talking to our kids – all so that she could target only those properties that met our complex criteria, and had a high probability of satisfaction for our family. Her strategy and effort paid off: we purchased the third home that we viewed. Sharon’s high level of attention to her clients did not end there, as Sharon insisted that we look at additional homes – so that we would know we made the correct decision! Moreover, as with many real estate transactions, we had some difficult negotiations. Sharon counseled us through the process with great skill, tact and ability. We couldn’t have done it without her.

In the end, my wife and I sold our home, and purchased a new home, in what seemed like days. We are, of course, extraordinarily happy with our new home. But we are just as happy with how seamlessly and effortlessly it all happened. We are so grateful that we chose Thomas and Sharon Michael to guide us through this important milestone in our lives, and would recommend them to anyone. Thanks, guys.

Robert R. Wood, Jr.
Sarah Campbell-Wood
Colleyville, TX