Q?Why choose DFW Elite Realty?

A  You will choose only one Realtor to represent your interests and help you achieve your real estate goals.  There are literally thousands of licensed real estate agents in each local city. When you choose an agent with DFW Elite Realty, Southlake, you combine the personal one-on-one service of an exceptional, boutique style real estate professional with the strength, knowledge and experience of one of the Top Agents in the country.

Q?Can I save money by selling my home myself?

A.  It is not unusual for homeowners to at least consider selling their home themselves.  On the face of it, this can seem like an easy way to maximize equity through reduced commissions.  As with most things in life however, the reality is more complicated.  Relatively few homeowners actually do attempt to sell their home themselves and of those who do,  84% eventually list their home with a Realtor.   There are many factors at play here.  First of all, serious, qualified buyers employ the services of a professional, full-time Realtor to help them find their next home. Buyers have jobs and do not have the time or interest to ‘play real estate agent’  during their evenings and weekends. After all, a real estate agent is generally free of cost to the buyer, a Realtor has a lock box key,  full MLS access,  superlative knowledge of the area and the expertise and professional relationships to make the transaction go smoothly and close successfully for the buyer.  Relationships often include experienced local direct lenders, qualified and knowledgable home inspectors, title and escrow providers and a host of other service contractors with proven track records and integrity.  It is easy to understand then why your typical, qualified and ready to purchase buyer working with a Realtor will never even see your home.  In addition, a successful local Realtor has knowledge, experience, relationships and tools to sell and market a home which a homeowner simply does not.  As a homeowner you quickly discover the considerable amount of time, effort and yes,  money that it takes to market a home.  Critical steps such as determining the actual market value of your specific home, having the home professionally staged and prepared, hiring a professional photographer, preparing high-quality brochures, post cards and online marketing materials to present your home in the best light, spreading the word amongst the hundreds of buyers agents in the area and advertising and holding effective open houses all require a lot of money, time and experience to do correctly.  Once these steps have  been performed correctly, the complex process of reviewing buyer offers, verifying buyer qualifications, negotiating price and terms and deciding which offer is the overall best and most qualified is not something best left to the inexperienced.  Furthermore, in the unlikely event that the seller does receive a qualified offer from a buyer without an agent, the buyer will immediately offer a substantially lower price since they realize you are not paying commissions and will therefore want to be compensated with a lower price.  If you think negotiating terms and price with the help of a seasoned Realtor is challenging, imagine facing the same challenges on your own, with emotions involved and perhaps  differring  opinions from a spouse or other involved party. And should something go wrong, Realtors have the legal resources and Errors & Omissions Insurance to make everyone whole.  What will you do on your own?   The reality is, homeowners who employ a professional Realtor to represent and sell their home actually achieve a more favorable result, higher price and greater equity than those who attempt to “do it themselves”.  After weighing the pros and cons, it becomes clear why attempting to market and represent a home yourself is one of those things that is best left to an experienced professional.  As one recent client exclaimed to us, “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should”.

Q?Aren’t all real estate agents qualified to sell my home or assist me in locating and purchasing my new home?

No.  Nationwide only 5% of a real estate agents are successful.  This means that 95% of all licensed real estate agents are not.  The average real estate agent sells between 2 – 5 homes per year.  Many agents are part time and actually have “day” jobs.  Even agents under the same brand or working in the same office vary greatly. Thomas and Sharon Michael have been involved over 1,000 real estate transactions, 85 in their first year alone.  Company principles Thomas and Sharon Michael founded, grew and successfully ran a high-profile boutique real estate firm in one of the toughest and most competitive markets in the country.  Thomas and Sharon have trained many other highly successful agents and have honed their marketing and negotiating skills to a degree few agents ever achieve.  These are some of the reasons Thomas and Sharon consistently rank among the elite Top 1% of all real estate agents nationwide and are uniquely qualified to represent you and your needs in your next real estate transaction. In founding DFW Elite Realty, Thomas and Sharon created a firm designed to attract other elite, high-quality and successful agents. Birds of a feather flock together and now, Southlake and DFW area home buyers and sellers have one, obvious choice when selecting a top-level real estate professional to help them accomplish their goals.

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